Annual Awards

Celebrating and recognising the paramedics, staff and volunteers of St John NT who demonstrate excellence in leadership or clinical practice, an outstanding level of care, professionalism, and compassion for members of the Northern Territory community.

2022 Awards

St John NT Excellence Awards

The St John NT Excellence Awards celebrate and recognise the paramedics, staff, and volunteers of St John NT who demonstrate excellence in leadership or clinical practice, an outstanding level of care, professionalism, and compassion for members of the Northern Territory community. Recognised as role models within their profession and the community, the recipients of these Awards often go above and beyond the call of duty, clearly displaying St John NT’s values of respect, integrity, collaboration and empathy.

Congratulations to the finalists in the 2023 St John NT Excellence Awards

Paramedic of the Year
(incl northern & southern)

Kelsey Squire

Kelsey embodies professionalism and excellence in all aspects of her work. She stands as an exemplary role model, not only as a paramedic but also in her additional roles as a relief duty manager, mentor, and clinical support officer. Kelsey's dedication to providing the best possible care for patients reflects the true spirit of our values and makes her an exceptional paramedic and a valuable asset to St John NT.

James Rowland

Being an ICP in Alice Springs James is often called upon to provide critical support to the community. If a serious situation occurs James drops everything to assist. He is an excellent role model to his peers and for the organisation, he is dedicated to the advancement of clinical practice and always provides outstanding care to every patient he interacts with.

Richard Smith

Richard has demonstrated leadership in driving and leading the change in Tennant Creek to a 12 hour shift crew with the addition of a patient transport service. He has led the ST John NT Tennant Creek team through floods and more recently bushfires effectively working with local and interstate agencies to achieve the best and safest outcomes. Richard displays the St John NT values through his leadership of staff and representation and within the Tennant Creek community.

Kasey Houghton

Kasey demonstrates excellent clinical leadership utilising her experience and patient centered mentality to lead complex jobs, support the clinical growth of her peers and support the needs of the community. She is an amazing role model, setting an example for young women in paramedicine as well as her peers across the service. Kasey demonstrates profound respect for patients by prioritising their well-being with unwavering dedication and compassion.

Toby Bugter

Toby is an outstanding clinical leader providing guidance and education to all staff and provides excellent clinical care to the NT community. Toby is a senior RSI credentialed ICP that has played a key role in mentoring ICPs, ICP Interns and other Paramedics. He provides a level of care and professionalism that other people aspire to and treats all patients and colleagues with respect and dignity.

Patient Transport Officer

Joshua Clarke

Josh takes great pride in educating and supporting his fellow PTO's to help deliver best patient care within the community. His leadership is second to none, he is always willing to help and is a shining example of what a role model should be. In his spare time, he diligently volunteers to help train and support volunteers so they can be better prepared for their commitment to delivering community service for the Alice Springs region.

Amber Martinuzzi

Amber displays an outstanding level of care for her patients. She strives to provide the highest level of operational standards and was a wonderful mentor and leader for the large influx of new PTOs to the Southern region. She maintains a great professional relationship with all operational staff and is constantly striving to provide the highest level of patient care.

Emergency Medical Dispatcher

Patricia Searcy

Trish is an invaluable asset to St John NT, making substantial contributions not only to the ECC but also to the broader Northern Territory community. Her genuine care for others, combined with her exceptional professionalism, set a standard for excellence that is truly inspiring and her reputation as a source of guidance and clarity is well-established amongst her colleagues. Despite the demands of her role, she consistently wears a welcoming smile, which serves as a beacon of positivity and reassurance for those around her.

Lana Harman

Lana ensures that patient care and safety is paramount prior to the arrival of clinical staff. She treats Triple Zero callers with respect at all times, and acts with the utmost integrity, taking pride in her role as a senior EMD, she regularly collaborates with other staff and external stakeholders to ensure the best results possible.

Intern of the Year

Kate Thornton

Kate has demonstrated outstanding leadership in clinical practice and professional skills throughout her time as a paramedic intern and patient transport officer. She approaches each shift with enthusiasm and compassion. She consistently exemplifies the values of St John NT and her dedication and compassionate approach to patient care sets a standard that inspires others to strive for excellence.

Jacob Dunne

Jake displays great professionalism at all times on station and with his patients. He is well respected by the staff of Katherine ambulance station and allied services and is encouraging towards his fellow Interns and prompts others towards continuous learning and practice. Jake displays the St John NT values both at and away from work. He is encouraging of others to be their best and celebrates achievements of all.

Excellence in Corporate Services

Natalie Cecchin

Natalie is the first point of call for all of the PTO's, Interns and Qualified Paramedics when they commence with St John NT. She is dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of Clinical Services making sure all inductees have the information and resources they require prior to starting with the organisation. Natalie is continuously looks for areas of improvement and has made significant inroads in streamlining the administrative aspects of her role.

Alice Howe

Alice has an incredible work ethic and embodies the organisation’s values of collaboration and respect. She is always willing to help the team and has been critical to business continuity. Alice has a willingness to always lend a hand, working with all areas of the business and often thinks out of the box. As a former paramedic, Alice applies her experience to her role and brings a unique perspective to the team.

Excellence in First Aid Training

Jaz Cross

Jaz is an outstanding trainer, is professional and approachable. She is always organised and on top of each course she runs, along with regularly acting as a role model to her peers and the organisation. Jaz shares her knowledge and skills with others and provides guidance and support setting a great example for them to follow. Jaz demonstrates St John NT values every day, showing respect to all peers and participants she interacts with, she has a high level of integrity, empathy and understanding.

Christopher Trotter

Chris has been a volunteer for more than three decades, teaching, coaching, mentoring and leading other volunteers. As an accredited trainer, he is qualified to deliver a wide range of courses for the public, staff and volunteers. He is very supportive to all staff at St John a including afterhours training for volunteers and cadets and is very knowledgeable and passionate about first aid.

Excellence in Commercial Operations

Rory O'Connor

Rory has a great passion for his work and leads the way for the staff of the Winnellie workshop. He assists all around him to be able to recognise faults in vehicles and teaches them how to make minor repairs to reduce vehicle down time. This is especially important in the remote locations, ensuring paramedics are able to deliver timely care to our community. He takes pride in what he does, maintaining his skills, knowledge and a quality of work that reflects his dedication to St John and the people of the NT.

Chad Clancy

Chad is a one-man-army, who will take on the smallest to biggest of jobs. As a role model he sets a standard of the highest quality and always gets the job done. He works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of areas of work. He embodies our values by respecting our requests, no matter the size, collaborates with every area of the organisation and completes tasks selflessly.

Adult Volunteer

Glen Auricht, Alice Springs Adult Division

Glen demonstrates excellence in clinical knowledge and professional skills. He leads by example for his fellow volunteers and actively participates in scenarios wholeheartedly. Glen’s dedication to teaching and mentoring fellow volunteers is truly inspiring. Glen has made a profound difference in the lives of so many, and his infectious passion for volunteering is truly notable.

Kemuel Lam Paktsun, Darwin Youth Division

Kemuel attends each Friday night to lead and assist Youth and Cadets learn first aid and participates in a range of volunteer days as a supervisor. He is renowned for his amazing efforts in organising special days such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter fun nights. His leadership skills provide our youth members with a safe and inclusive learning space and shows each youth participant respect, has a good sense of humour and is a powerhouse when it comes to giving his time.

Junior Youth Volunteer (8 - 11 yrs)

Lilly Ferguson, Darwin Youth Division

Lilly has been a Junior cadet in Darwin Cadet division for 2.5 years and has successfully completed five interest certificates. She is an active junior who regularly attends the Darwin Cadets training nights and several public events representing St John NT. Lilly has quickly learnt the first aid principles and is keen to assist other members in the class and often takes a leadership role in group activities.

Elora Cole, Alice Springs Youth Division

Elora has a strong willingness to learn and help others. She is always the first to put her hand up for duties and is a role model to juniors, always helping and providing guidance to them. Her respect towards not only cadets but also adults is amazing and she takes on all advice given and assists anyone wherever she can.

Youth Volunteer

Anais Henry-Martin, Darwin Youth Division

Anais is an outstanding role model for younger members who goes above and beyond in everything she does. She has completed close to 200 volunteer hours and is a friendly, smiling compassionate member. She has competed in national and NT competitions and is currently improving her training and commitment through studying to achieve Certificate 2 in medical response.

Jay Barnes, Parap Youth Division

Jay is looked up to by members of his division as well as fellow youth members from other divisions. Jay always upholds the St John NT values and goes above and beyond to help his peers both younger and older. He shows respect and empathy to all his peers and patients and is always willing to assist where required. With his mind set on a career as a Paramedic he has a bright future ahead.

Operational Support Volunteers

Kalliopi Trikillis (Poppy), Casuarina Adult Division

Poppy leads by example with kindness, compassion and enthusiasm, which makes her a valued and treasured member of St John NT volunteers. Poppy has been instrumental in assisting the volunteers by doing multiple duties. Poppy brings her positive, cheerful, and dedicated attitude to every event and training meeting and encourages members to grow not only from her division but from across the NT.

Rose Maker, Darwin Youth Division

Rose has been an Operational Support Volunteer to Darwin Cadets for 3 years and is an important part of the Darwin Cadets training team, assisting with both the Juniors and Senior Darwin cadets on a Friday evening. Rose has very good interpersonal skills and empathy with the cadets and is able to gain their attention and trust to assist them through the learning process.

Youth Division of the Year

Katherine Youth Division

Katherine Youth Division is a very proactive division, keeping up with a good rate of event attendance, fundraising and community education. Katherine youth division actively participated in the Territory youth camp and competitions placing in the top three, demonstrating a high-level of life saving skills and great teamwork. The division is growing strong and committed to maintain and develop new skills to better assist the community.

Darwin Youth Division

Darwin Youth Division currently has the largest number of young volunteer members. The division is very active and is always up for a challenge and very committed to training nights. The division won Territory competition and camp in 2022 and had the opportunity to attend the national competition and camp early this year, securing the third place at national level, performing excellent first aid skills and great teamwork making St John NT very proud of our youth program.

Adult Division of the year

Casuarina Adult Division

Casuarina Adult Division has been extremely helpful this year, taking their training to the next level and has been a role model to many. The division currently holds the highest number of adult members, making training nights very dynamic a with a wide range of training scheduled and a well-planned calendar. Casuarina Adult Division has kindly welcomed members of other divisions to join their training. The division demonstrates a great example of leadership, ensuring that members are maintaining their clinicals skills and are active at events.

Alice Springs Adult Division

This year Alice Springs Adult Division has selflessly delivered a significant number of hours and committed to attending their weekly training nights. Alice Springs has had a full calendar of events with the division working hard to ensure the community is supported by St John NT's skilled and committed volunteers ensuring they can enjoy the many events which make up the red centre lifestyle safely.

Thank you to our sponsors

The St John NT Excellence Awards would not be able to go ahead without the generous support of sponsors including the Northern Territory Government, Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise, Charles Darwin University, Australasian College of Paramedicine, AANT, Area9, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Palmerston Regional Business Association, ZOLL Medical Corporation, Ferno and Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation.

Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise Paramedic of the Year

The Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise established the Ambulance Officer of the Year Awards in 1999 to acknowledge the contribution of ambulance officers in the Northern Territory and our community. From this humble beginning and in partnership with St John NT, the awards have flourished and grown into the St John NT Excellence Awards with the Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise as the Principle Sponsor of the Paramedic of the Year.

The Paramedic of the Year is selected for their commitment to the values of St John NT, showing respect and compassion for all patients and staff while consistently demonstrating excellence in patient care.

Rotary’s belief is that an individual can serve their community through exemplary professional practise, through the demonstration of integrity and high ethical standards, and through recognising the contribution of different occupations in our community.

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