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About St John Ambulance

About St John Ambulance Northern TerritoryACNC Registered Charity

St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc. (St John NT) is the Territory’s leading provider in emergency medical response and preparedness. We have a mission to save lives and build community resilience to improve the safety and healthcare for all Territorians.

We do this by providing a range of services from ambulance services under contract to the Northern Territory Government, coordination of emergency medical responses, event health services and first aid assistance at community and major events through to nationally accredited first aid training, community education and first aid products and equipment.


  • Respect - Treat people with dignity and professionalism
  • Integrity - Be honest, open minded, ethical and fair
  • Collaboration - Work with others for accountable and meaningful results
  • Empathy - Be kind and caring


Saving lives & building resilience


Positive healthcare outcomes for Territorians


  • A comprehensive Emergency Ambulance Service, under contract with the Northern Territory Government;
  • A non-emergency Ambulance Patient Transport Service;
  • A 24 hour 000 Communications Centre;
  • A dedicated team of qualified first aid Volunteer personnel to attend social, sporting, cultural and other well attended community events;
  • A dedicated training arm specialising in public, community and industry-specific first aid training;
  • Clinical Governance, Education and professional Development for our Ambulance staff;
  • Youth support and training through a cadet movement;
  • A Sales department that supplies an extensive range of first aid kits, medical consumables and pre hospital medical equipment;
  • A fully equipped mechanical workshop delivering custom vehicles, ambulance modifications and general servicing to members of the public; and
  • A FREE First Aid in Schools program, delivering age appropriate first aid to children from Pre-School to Year 8.
  • A Community Education program, delivering first aid training and information to child care centres, clubs and other community groups.

CAA Patient Experience Survey

Each year St John NT participates in a national survey through the Council of Ambulance Authorities to gauge our patients’ level of satisfaction with our ambulance service.

The survey provides us with valuable insight into areas of our operations that meet your expectations or may require special attention and/or improvement.

In essence it gives us an indication of how well we are serving and caring for our community in the Northern Territory.

NT respondents to the 2023 survey indicated:

99% of patients surveyed found their experience dealing with St John NT to be positive overall – the highest proportion out of any other Australian ambulance service.
93% found the assistance provided by the Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) when they called Triple Zero (000) was helpful.
89% regarded the provision of care they received as “very good”, 8% regarded the provision of care as “good”.
93% trusted and were confident in the level of care provided by paramedics and Patient Transport Officers, 74% of respondents had a very high level of confidence, 19% rated it as “high”.
97% felt that the explanation they received from the paramedic they were treated by was clear, 77% found it a very clear and thorough explanation.

"The paramedics explained everything really clearly and calmly. They made me feel at ease which helped.”

"The knowledge of the staff was incredible, I have allergies to most of the commonly given pain relief and was even apprehensive about the whistle. However they knew enough and had alternatives that they could use for pain management to assist in getting me stabilised to be moved. They were friendly and caring, and understanding of what had happened. Definitely your staff are the best thing!”

"Good 000 service, fast arrival, good thoughtful care.”

"Quick to arrive to my car accident. The paramedics did an excellent job making sure i knew where I was. I cannot fault them at all. Great job. Much appreciated.”

For more information download the report.

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