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About St John Ambulance

About St John Ambulance Northern TerritoryACNC Registered Charity

St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc is a self-funding charitable organisation active in the Northern Territory, dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger.

St John provides:

We have been active in Northern Territory for over 70 years, and internationally are part of a wider organisation with a long and honourable history.


  • Integrity - acting honestly and reliably when delivering our services
  • Respect - treat our people with respect at all times: ourselves, our colleagues, our members and all the people we support.
  • Quality - highest quality service delivery, training, development and clinical standards.
  • Dedication - actions are undertaken with commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty protecting our people, our patients and the environment.
  • Compassion - caring about all members of the community.


St John delivers to all Territorians, our goals are:

  • Make first aid a part of every Territorian's life.
  • Be the leading provider of first aid services, training and products.
  • Provide first aid-related services which build community and individual resilience.
  • Provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance services under contract to the Northern Territory Government.


  • A comprehensive Emergency Ambulance Service, under contract with the Northern Territory Government;
  • A non-emergency Ambulance Patient Transport Service;
  • A 24 hour 000 Communications Centre;
  • A dedicated team of qualified first aid Volunteer personnel to attend social, sporting, cultural and other well attended community events;
  • A dedicated training arm specialising in public, community and industry-specific first aid training;
  • Clinical Governance, Education and professional Development for our Ambulance staff;
  • Youth support and training through a cadet movement;
  • Contract Paramedical Services to assist and support the mining production and special project industries;
  • A Sales department that supplies an extensive range of first aid kits, medical consumables and pre hospital medical equipment;
  • A fully equipped mechanical workshop delivering custom vehicles, ambulance modifications and general servicing to members of the public; and
  • A FREE First Aid in Schools program, delivering age appropriate first aid to children from Pre-School to Year 8.
  • A Community Education program, delivering first aid training and information to child care centres, clubs and other community groups.

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