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Contract Services

St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc. is the provider of the Road Ambulance Service within the Northern Territory under contract to the NT Government. Our commitment to best practice care and treatment of the sick and injured in pre hospital care is paramount. St John Ambulance NT has established a contract business to ensure these skills are accessible by industry groups worldwide who are also committed to ensuring their site personnel receives the best possible pre hospital care in times of need.

Contract Services Offered

St John Ambulance NT supplies professional site Paramedics to industries for short or long term medical support. Our Paramedics are fully trained Ambulance professionals who maintain an authority to practice within the requirements of best practice of our service. All skills are clinically governed and each officer is able to work independently within our Protocols and Clinical Guidelines. St John Ambulance NT employs a Medical Officer and a Director of Ambulance in conjunction with our Clinical Services Unit to assist with our ongoing continuing education process.

Paramedics employed within the Contracts Department of St John Ambulance NT are required to maintain operational Ambulance road skills and participate with professional development to ensure clinical competencies.

Our industry site Paramedics are able to perform additional tasking while contracted to sites. Additional skills include drug and alcohol testing, blood lead level testing, hydration monitoring.

Our Contract Paramedic staff are available to work wherever required. On shore, off shore, remote or urban settings, we can assist.

Contract Paramedics

Providing services to Northern Territory, All Australian States and overseas locations

Safety standards in Australia’s resource industry workplaces are amongst the best in the world. However, as added assurance for Worker Safety many sites provide an emergency medical response team to provide on-site first aid treatment in the unlikely event of an accident.

St John Ambulance Australia (NT) are experts at providing contract paramedic services. If you are looking for the best trained and most experienced paramedics in Australia, look no further than St John Ambulance in the Northern Territory.

Only St John Ambulance NT can provide the type of training and intense daily incident experience to produce the best “battle hardened” paramedics. We provide not just trained paramedics but rotate our site crews through ambulance service operations in the Northern Territory to ensure that they have up-to-date treatment experience. Compare that to other providers offering crews who might only see 1 or 2 serious incidents in a year.

Industry experience & locations

From mining to oil and gas, construction to exploration, airport support to film crews, hospitals to medical centres, rigs to seismic vessels, whenever and wherever professional Paramedical staff are required our Contracts Department can assist.

Our Paramedic staff have been supplied to many locations around the Northern Territory and the world. Some areas our Paramedics have been deployed to include Timor Leste, Sakhalin, Indonesia, seismic vessels in various oceans worldwide, and numerous rural and remote locations throughout Australia.

We shape our services to meet your specific needs providing...

  • Turnkey paramedic services
  • Trained crews
  • Specialist equipment
  • Treatment facilities
  • Vehicle conversions
  • First aid kits & supplies

For organisations who are looking for an outside provider to set-up a green field site with a complete first response paramedic capability inclusive of vehicles, treatment rooms, crews and systems, St John can even assess your site and recommend a fit-for-purpose contract paramedic service.

Trained Crews

St John provides qualified and trained paramedics with day-to-day ambulance experience and ensures that our paramedics maintain their first response capability throughout the contract by rotating them through ambulance service operations. We have nearly 60 trained professional paramedics.

Specialist equipment

St John run an impressive commercial operation (including two shops in the Territory) to supply the full range of first aid supplies and specialist paramedic equipment from band aids to oxygen delivery systems and defibrillators. We are well equipped and experienced to provide paramedic equipment and supplies.

Treatment facilities

Our experience includes fitting out treatment room facilities at industrial, commercial and resource industry sites having expertise at room layout, equipment and facilities and required medical supplies.

Industrial Services

Depending on site or vessel requirements our Officers are trained to meet your specific industry needs. Our staff are trained with additional skills which include;

  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Hydration monitoring
  • Hygiene inspections
  • Integration into Emergency Response Teams (First Aid Component)

Many of our Officers are trained to complete periodic medicals for employees, maintain a database of information and administer medications for immunisations, take bloods for laboratory analysis, assist staff with healthy lifestyle choices and offer information regarding the appropriate contact for ongoing medical concerns.

If you are off shore we are also able to attend your vessel or rig and complete a comprehensive assessment of equipment and stores held as per Marine Orders requirements.

Our Officers are able to work independently and are underwritten by St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc medical protocols and guidelines. All Paramedics are able to assist other medical professionals with maintaining management plans as directed for workers rehabilitation and return to work programs.

In conjunction with our St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc accredited First Aid Training Department we can also supply first aid training on site to suit your specific requirements, ensuring minimal disruption to your workplace.

First Aid Rooms & Medical Facilities

Our Contract Department is also able to assist you with design of first aid rooms, from development of the plans through to the full fit-out of the required clinic. We can supply medical equipment and medical stores and are able to maintain a restocking facility so all supplies are at hand when required.

Does your workplace require a First Aid room? A First Aid room is recommended for:

  • Low-risk workplaces with 200+ employees
  • High-risk workplaces with 100+ employees

Low-Risk workplace is a workplace where workers are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness such as offices, shops or libraries. Potential work-related injuries and illnesses requiring first aid would be minor in nature.

High-Risk workplace is a workplace where workers are exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness and would require first aid.

Workplace First Aid requirements will vary according to the nature of work conducted, size of the workforce, geographic location and the types of hazards encountered. Contact us today or call to speak with an expert!

Contract Solutions Enquiry

Onsite First Aid Training

St John Ambulance NT understands how busy sites can be. To assist you we can organize for on site first aid training for your staff. Please contact our Sales Team at the details below to discuss;

Hire Onsite Paramedics & First Aiders

Require fully trained professional Paramedic staff for your site?

St John Ambulance NT can provide paramedic staff for your site either full time or over the short term e.g. for FIFO work. To discuss your needs call us on 08 8935 2500

Contract Solutions Enquiry

Paramedic & First Aid Equipment Solutions

St John Ambulance NT can supply your site with a comprehensive range of first aid products and pre hospital medical equipment. We also have 4x4 ambulances for lease and for sale.

Did you know that 87% of Australian businesses are not First Aid Ready?

St John Ambulance can help you avoid the Safety Risks in your Workplace.

We offer a full range of products and services including First Aid Ready audits, supply of First Aid Kits, equipment and signage and scheduled restocking services (including remote areas) which all help to ensure you are compliant with the NT First Aid in the Workplace Code of Conduct.

To find out how we can help you, please contact our team on 08 8935 2500 or email us at

Further Information

For further details on how we can assist you please email or call 08 8935 2500.

All profits from our services helps support our Volunteer Department and Community programs.

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