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VOLUNTEERS: Val Eaton, volunteer and Community Educator extraordinaire
  19 Feb 2021

“Teaching children to assist in an emergency situation is to empower them in what can be a very traumatic experience.” St John NT volunteer Val told us why she got involved with Community Education. 

“If they know what to do because they have been shown, then they, and the person that they help may both have better outcomes. I have spent my career working with and around children, helping them to become confident and respectful young adults. I love to see the growth and development of their personalities.”

Val was volunteering with St John NT at cyclone shelters as a way to support the community post-Marcus, when Paramedic Mandy Paradise suggested she attend a volunteer event. It was the support of the wonderful people at the events that kept her coming back…and back, and back! Since then, Val has recorded well over 500 hours of service.

“The thing that attracted me to attend the events as a First Aider is caring for patients that have been injured and need care during the event. I enjoy putting all that I learn on training nights into practise!”

Val’s commitment to the young members of her community has been evident through her supportive guiding and mentoring of St John NT Youth volunteers both at training and during events.

There’s always new opportunities for St John NT volunteers, and Val recently took up one in Community Education, with the motivation to help more children develop confidence in learning life-saving first aid skills. “No one starts with experience, it’s something learned.” And learned she has! During her time with St John NT, Val has been recognised for her service and commitment, and won a number of awards.

“St John NT offers amazing training to be confident in First Aid skills and is very supportive.” Val said. “The development of new skills and confidence gained through volunteering with St John NT has been invaluable”. I have also meet so many people from different walks of life that I may not have been able to meet otherwise. My song of the week? It’s The Shepard – Coming Home.”

If you’d like to follow in Val’s footsteps and become a volunteer Community Educator, click here to register your interest:

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