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VOLUNTEERS: Pride in Community Education with Johannes Baluyot
  24 Feb 2021

“Definitely excitement, but also a sense of pride.” This is what goes through Johannes Baluyot’s mind before starting a volunteer shift. “When you put on the green uniform, you put on a sense of pride, respect and trust placed toward St John NT from within the community”.

Johannes joined St John NT as a volunteer in March 2020 after commencing study in Paramedicine. He joined not only to gain some clinical experience, but also to give back to the community by way of donating his personal time. “And of course, the best way to reinforce your skills is to teach!”

Although Johannes is now studying Paramedicine, he doesn’t come from a health background, and had no experience before joining St John NT as a volunteer. “You’ll be surprised at what you already know.” He said. “St John NT will not only reinforce what you know, but will teach and guide you to gain further experience.”

Why Community Education? “Kids are fun to work with! They’re so innocent and they don’t hold back with their thoughts which is so refreshing. There’s also a sense of enjoyment knowing that you’re teaching lifesaving skills to children”.

Johannes hopes that in teaching young people these skills, they will be able to use them to save their family members, or a member of the public if it ever came to that. “If kids have the knowledge to call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency, and know they won’t get in trouble, that can be enough to help any person in need.” The more people who know this, the better!

And if you were wondering what Johannes was listening to when we spoke; “Right now, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls is playing on the radio”.

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