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St John NT secures ‘000’ plate to mark historic milestone
  10 Jul 2024

Limited edition number plates have been released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Cyclone Tracy, with St John NT securing the ‘000’ plate and installing it on Ambulance number 74.

While Christmas eve 1974 will always be remembered for the tragic impact of Cyclone Tracy on Darwin, it also presented the defining moment that St John transformed from a volunteer service to the full ambulance service provider in Darwin.

Over the following years this agreement between St John and the Department of Health (NT Division) would increase to include other major population centres as the Northern Territory moved towards self-government in 1978 and St John NT became the Territory’s on road emergency ambulance service.

From 1 July, Territorians can purchase limited edition ‘NT Remembering Cyclone Tracy 1974 – 2024’ number plates to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Cyclone Tracy with 200 plates released.

Cyclone Tracy had a profound impact on the Territory, 66 people died, more than 600 were injured, over 70 per cent of Darwin’s homes destroyed and 75 per cent of NT residents evacuated.

50 years after Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin in the early hours of Christmas morning in 1974 we honour the lives that were lost, the resilience of Tracy survivors, the work of our local emergency responders and those across the nation that helped to rebuild Darwin.

A set of commemorative number plates can be purchased at any of the NT’s Motor Vehicle Registry offices on a first come, first serve basis, for affixing to a registered motor vehicle upon purchase.

Only Northern Territory residents who have a current NT registered vehicle in their name will be eligible to purchase the commemorative plates.

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