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MEDIA RELEASE: NT patients highly satisfied and trust their ambulance service
  14 Oct 2021

An international survey has revealed that over nine-in-ten ambulance patients are satisfied with their most recent ambulance experience.

The Council of Ambulance Authorities Patient Experience Survey 2021 gauges the level of patient satisfaction in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Results for the Northern Territory revealed that 98% of respondents were satisfied with the service they receive from St John NT’s ambulance service, 85.1% were very satisfied.

The results also revealed that St John NT’s service performed the highest in categories relating to the care, information and assistance provided to its patients in the Northern Territory.

NT respondents to the 2021 survey indicated:

  • 92% found the assistance provided by the Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) when they called Triple Zero (000) was helpful, compared to 63.3% for Australia overall
  • 97% regarded the provision of care they received as ‘good’, 91% regarded the provision of care as ‘very good’ – the highest proportion out of any other Australian ambulance service
  • 95% trusted and were confident in the level of care provided by paramedics and Patient Transport Officers, 78.3% of respondents had a very high level of confidence, again the highest performing service
  • 97% felt that the explanation they received from the paramedic they were treated by was clear, 80.3% found it a very clear and thorough explanation

St John NT CEO Judith Barker said the survey results were testament to the skills and qualifications of St John NT’s staff.

“From when the Triple Zero (000) call is taken right through to safe delivery to hospital, our staff make sure that their highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our patients.

“We know that our ambulance service plays a critical role in providing health care and emergency services to all Territorians, and it’s pleasing to see that patient satisfaction and experience remains high.”

“Despite the many challenges that ambulance services globally have faced over the past 18 months, patients in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea remain confident and satisfied with the service they have received. I would like to acknowledge the ongoing dedication and commitment of all clinical staff and thank them for providing this essential service to our community,” Ms Barker said.

The Council of Ambulance Authorities introduced the survey for Australia in 2002.

Survey respondents include patients transported by ambulance services for emergency and urgent categories. The patients, or their carers, are asked to rank their satisfaction with ambulance services and treatment, including overall satisfaction, call answering time and paramedic treatment.

In the past decade, patient satisfaction in Australia and New Zealand has been very high, with an average 97-98% of patients satisfied or very satisfied with the ambulance service they have received.


A copy of the CAA Patient Experience Survey can be found here.

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