Paramedic of the Year

The Paramedic of the Year Award recognizes, praises and honours the hard and tireless work of our paramedics

Paramedic of the Year Award

St John NT Ambulance Paramedics

Being a paramedic is a tough job. Each and every shift sees our paramedics at the front line of very tense, high pressure and life threatening emergency situations.

Each year 1 in 6 Territorians are assisted by St John NT ambulance paramedics with ambulances attending around 45,000 emergency situations throughout the Territory. When treating and assisting community members experiencing trauma and injury, our paramedics also experience personal stress. While they get on with the job of saving lives, helping the sick, ill and injured they face the whole range of human emotions including compassion, aggression, despair, love and hope. Only rarely do they receive thanks and appreciation. The Paramedic of the Year Awards is a special night of thanks to these dedicated officers.

In 2000, Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise launched the Paramedic of the Year Award to recognize, praise and honour the hard and tireless work of our paramedics. It has become a hugely important annual event on our St John NT calendar enabling us and people in the community to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of some of our most dedicated individuals.

The Awards are made possible through the enduring support and energy from Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise.

2019 Paramedic of the Year

Congratulations to Aaron Reynolds

Aaron joined St John NT in 2017 after completing his Batchelor of Paramedicine through the University of Tasmania and has worked in both Katherine and Darwin, where he has built strong professional relationships and links with the community.

On being selected for the award, the judges said that Aaron is a compassionate and highly empathic prehospital clinician, who is well regarded by his peers and dedicated to his profession and the community.

For more information on the 2019 awards visit our newsroom

Have you or someone you know been helped this year by the work of a St John NT paramedic?

Tell us why you think that person deserves to be recognised and they’ll be nominated for the next Paramedic of the Year Awards.

Nominations will open in August 2020 and announced in November.

Recipients of the Paramedic of the Year are selected based on their nomination as well as:

  • Their ongoing commitment to paramedical sciences learning.
  • Their professionalism and rapport across all walks of life from the general public and their patients, to their colleagues and across broader NT health services.
  • The care and compassion they display on a regular basis.

The Paramedic of the Year Awards has been proudly supported by the Northern Territory Government and the Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise since their inception.

Previous winners of the Award are:

  • 2018 Karen Walsh, Darwin
  • 2017 Caitlin Little, Alice Springs
  • 2016 Samantha Cooper, Darwin
  • 2015 Donna Winkworth, Darwin
  • 2014 Dean Featherstone, Katherine
  • 2013 Amanda McNeill, Darwin
  • 2012 Erin Maczkowiack, Darwin
  • 2011 Rhys Dowell, Katherine
  • 2010 Samantha King, Darwin
  • 2009 Sue Gibson, Alice Springs
  • 2008 Beverley Hellyer, Katherine
  • 2007 Chris Wilson, Tennant Creek
  • 2006 Annette Ingham, Darwin
  • 2005 Anthony Wood, Darwin
  • 2004 Trevor Keatch, Katherine
  • 2003 Sue Murphy and Karen Joyner, Darwin
  • 2002 Peter Poole, Darwin
  • 2001 Anne-Marie Muscat, Darwin
  • 2000 Jim Leigh, Darwin

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