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St John ranks 4th in national reputational stakes
  20 Feb 2024

St John Ambulance Australia continues to be one of the most highly regarded charities in Australia according to the latest Reptrak results which measure the reputation of the largest charities in Australia.
This is not only great news for the community, but the staff of St John who received the strongest results in the perception areas of ‘has a relevant purpose’, ‘essential to the community’, and ‘helps to improve lives’.
Ranked at number four out of the 40 charities included in the survey St John continues to maintain its ranking in the excellence tier as one of the top 5.
One in six of those familiar with St John recall reading, hearing, or seeing information about the organisation (16%). This is the strongest level in the last four years and builds on the increase recorded last year (up from 9% in 2021 to 12% in 2022).
St John also has significantly higher levels of personal interaction, with 1 in 5 reporting that they or someone they know have used the service. 
With regards to reputation drivers, St John scored highest in Citizenship, Services and Conduct and is seen as behaving ethically and having a relevant purpose.

This is a great endorsement of the effort put in by St John staff and Volunteers across Australia.

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