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Restocking program assists wildlife rescue
  29 Jan 2020

Reclaimed first aid supplies in the Northern Territory are being donated to wildlife rescue organisations for the treatment of animals affected by this summer’s devastating bush fires.
St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc. (St John NT) collects out of date or near use by date medical supplies as it restocks first aid kits for businesses across the Northern Territory.
The items are then sorted and anything that can assist in the treatment of animals is passed onto local volunteer organisation Wildlife Crisis and Trauma Relief NT.
Founder Ms Bree Keirnan says that their aim is to help the carers of the injured wildlife.
“Medical supplies for rescued animals can be extremely expensive, if we can help them care for the animals by sourcing the supplies they need, we are helping to remove the cost burden while these tragically injured animals recover,” she said.
St John NT’s restocking program is part of its free advice service to assist businesses for first aid readiness.
Under the Work Health and Safety Act a person conducting a business has a duty of care to follow a Code of Conduct regarding First Aid in the workplace. This includes assessing the types of risk, the supply and maintenance of first aid equipment, adequate signage and training.
St John NT Director of Commercial Operations Peter Sargeant said that too many businesses neglected to have a first aid plan in place until the situation arose.
“If we wait until an emergency it could be too late. All workplaces should consider their workplace health and safety risks, having a first aid kit available and ideally a person trained in administrating first aid.
“We have seen several incidents recently where people have been saved by bystanders, but really all businesses and venues should have the necessary first aid measures in place to reduce risk and quite possibly save a life,” Mr Sargeant said.
“St John NT is pleased to see that the reclaimed supplies continue to provide a benefit after they are removed from companies’ first aid kits and that, in a small way, we too are helping the bush fire response.”
On other occasions St John NT has donated reclaimed supplies to other charities and volunteer organisations including those in East Timor and the Philippines.

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