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Order of St John Admissions and Promotions
  20 Jun 2024

Staff and volunteers have been formally admitted to or promoted in the Order of St John at the Investiture and Awards Ceremony.

Investiture is a traditional ceremony welcoming or promoting staff and volunteers to the Order of St John for going over and above their duty to the organisation or community.

The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem has a long tradition and history spanning more than 900 years. Since its establishment in Australia in the late 19th century, the Order has made a major contribution in the provision of first aid services and the teaching of first aid.

The Order’s volunteer work began in the Northern Territory in the early 1950s. A membership to the Order of St John is a recognised honour under the Australian Honours System and presents itself as an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to the extraordinary members of the St John NT community.

Congratulations to the following staff and volunteers who were recognised for their dedication to the service.

Promotion to Officers

•              Brett Butler

•              Rhys Dowell

•              Rodney Hocking

Admission to the Order

•              Serena Coleman-Hale

•              Catherine Driver

•              Claire Hensby

•              James Leigh

•              Darryl Shaw

Volunteer Service Medals and Bars

4th Gilt Bar (45 years) - Lesley King DStJ

1st Gilt Bar (30 years) - Glen Auricht OStJ

3rd Bar (25 years) - Paul Berry CStJ

2nd Bar (20 years) - Aaron Brooks MStJ

1st Bar (15 years) - Kimberlee McKay OStJ

Grand Prior Badge

Cameron Jackson

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