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MEDIA RELEASE: Saving lives top priority for Katherine business
  24 May 2021

A Katherine business has made public safety a top priority.

St John NT presented a lifesaving automatic external defibrillator (AED) to Narelle Sinclair from Sinclair Sports Therapy as part of a Northern Territory Government community benefit fund grant.

“There is a significant lack of health care services in our region meaning that access to defibrillators is also very limited,” Narelle stated.

“In our remote community, having 24/7 access to a Defibrillator within a small residential area could make all the difference in the quality of care to those who require it while waiting for emergency services to arrive.”

In Australia 33,000 people suffer from a cardiac arrest each year. Contrary to popular belief, sudden cardiac arrest can happen at any age, and without a defibrillation, less than 5% of sufferers will survive.

“Early defibrillation is the key to success in a sudden cardiac arrest,” said Jack Darby, St John NT Area Manager Katherine.

“If a defibrillator can be used within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest it can greatly increase the chance of survival.

“St John NT is dedicated to improving the safety of our community and public access defibrillators give more people the chance to act in an emergency.”


Image: Business Development Manager Colin Southam presents a St John branded defibrillator to Sinclair Sports Therapy's Narelle Sinclair.

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