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MEDIA RELEASE: Save Triple Zero (000) for when it matters
  14 Jun 2022

St John NT has joined with ambulance services across Australia to remind the public to save Triple Zero (000) for emergencies.

The call comes as communities continue to face the risk of infection for COVID-19 and an increase in influenza.

In recent months, ambulance and health services across the country have experienced unprecedented levels of demand following two years of restrictions and public health measures.

Paramedics, first responders and call takers are uniting in a video being launched across the nation calling on the community to save Triple Zero (000) for emergencies, saving lives and for when it matters most.

In the Northern Territory, St John NT has seen a 58% increase in calls to Triple Zero (000) for May 2022 compared to the same time last year.

St John NT CEO Judith Barker is urging the public to assess whether their situation is an emergency.

“Building awareness regarding the correct use of Triple Zero (000) is in the best interests of the safety and healthcare outcomes of our community,” Ms Barker said.

“Not every call made to our call centre is for an emergency and may be managed through another health service. While every person who needs an ambulance will get one, sometimes calls that are not an emergency can put pressure on our emergency services,” she said.

In what is expected to be the worst influenza season in a decade, it is important that the community understands how to be prepared and seek medical advice.

“Most people with COVID-19 or the flu will not require hospitalisation or serious medical care,” Ms Barker said.

“Minor symptoms, such as a headache, runny nose and a sore throat can be managed with the help of a pharmacist.

“That said, both of these viruses can be very dangerous for many in our community. You should never hesitate to call an ambulance if you have severe symptoms such a shortness of breath, chest pain, severe headaches, confusion or fainting.”

This is the first time that every state and territory has joined forces to ensure people can access emergency care when they need it most.

St John NT encourages other services and the community to share this important message.

Triple Zero (000) campaign videos can be seen here:

National -

Northern Territory video -

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