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Media Release: Roland Chin promoted to Knight of the Order of St John
  24 May 2023

Highly respected business and community leader, Roland Chin AM CStJ will be promoted to a Knight of Grace of the Order of St John at an Investiture Ceremony tonight at Government House.

Roland has served St John NT as a distinguished volunteer Board member for the past 21 years, including, most recently, the role of Treasurer since 2018.

St John NT Chair, Peter Carew AM MStJ commended Roland on the honour and the contribution he had made to the Order.

“Roland is an outstanding advocate and representative of St John NT with a strong passion for the mission of the organisation. He is a valued and respected member of the Board and is held in high regard not only by St John NT but also by the wider Northern Territory community and indeed across St John Ambulance Australia and the Priory,” Mr Carew said.

The Investiture Ceremony is an annual event whereby individuals are invited to join or be promoted within the Order of St John, a royal order of chivalry under the Crown. A membership to the Order of St John is a recognised honour under the Australian Honours System and presents itself as an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to the extraordinary members of the St John NT community.

The event is officiated by His Honour Professor the Honourable Hugh Heggie PSM KStJ, Administrator of the Northern Territory, representative of the Crown in right of the Northern Territory.

In addition to his role as Treasurer, Roland serves on a number of committees for St John including the National Audit and Risk Committee. Outside of St John NT, Roland is the President of the Chung Wah Society and contributes to the Audit and Risk Committees for the City of Darwin, Venture Housing, Charles Darwin University and Tiwi land Council.

Mr Carew added, “Roland dedicates extended hours to the organisation for its benefit and ongoing performance. He is a kind, honest and reliable person, who embodies the qualities of inclusiveness and compassion.”

The following volunteers and staff members of St John NT will be admitted or promoted within the Order:

Promoted to an Officer of the Order:

Kate Owen - Darwin

Admitted as a Member of the Order:

Stuart Allison – Darwin,

Bradley Brown – Darwin

Ashlee Elton – Katherine

Mark Grahame – Darwin

Ronald Green – Katherine

Bradley Pitt– Darwin

Megan Smale – Katherine

Anthony Smith ­- Katherine

The following volunteers will also receive Volunteer Service Medals and Bars:

4th and 3rd Gilt Bar (45 & 40 years)

Steve Peers OAM KStJ

3rd Gilt Bar (40 years)

Angie Butler DStJ

1st Gilt Bar (30 Years)

Patrick Murray CStJ

2nd Bar (20 Years)

Dr Brian Ch’ng OStJ

Michael McKay AM ASM CStJ

Dr Felix Ho MStJ

Roland Chin AM KStJ

1st Bar (15 years)

Anthony Smith MStJ

Debbie Garraway OStJ (also 10 year Medal)

Frank Dunstan CStJ

Service Medal (10 Years)

Megan Smale MStJ

Silver Commendation

Peter Poole KStJ

National Service Medals

Stuart Allison ASM MStJ

Peter Poole KStJ

Stephen Rudder MStJ

Emma Wooler

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