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MEDIA RELEASE: Paramedic assaults
  30 Sep 2021

Please attribute to Andrew Thomas, Director Ambulance Services:

“It is disappointing to report that within 24 hours there were two incidents of violence and aggression towards our paramedics.

“At approximately 1:00pm yesterday, one of our paramedics was punched in the leg when they were providing treatment to a patient in Parap, and then in the early hours of this morning, it was reported that a patient displayed aggressive behaviour towards one of our crews.

“Thankfully in both cases the paramedics did not require medical treatment, however incidents like this can cause more than just physical damage.

“We have a comprehensive process in place when incidents such as this occur, including activating our peer support and wellbeing program and will continue to follow up with those involved regarding their welfare."

“It is extremely disappointing to have to report another assault. In 2020, we recorded 71 verbal and physical assaults and so far this year there has been 58.

“These numbers are unacceptable and our staff should not have to tolerate this kind of behaviour.

“Assaults like these are traumatic for the staff involved, and can have a broader impact on the community. If we are required to take staff or vehicles offline due to attacks, this may result in delays in providing our services to others in need.

“St John NT has a zero-tolerance policy towards any violence or aggression to our staff. We fully support any staff who wish to take legal action against the individual responsible for the assault.

“If you can, please educate others around you as to the importance of supporting our paramedics and giving them space to do their work. They deserve the right to do their job uninterrupted and in a safe environment.”


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