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Media Release: New e-learning tool for learner drivers to help save lives
  30 Nov 2022

The first three to five minutes after a serious car crash takes place are critical. Having the first aid skills to preserve a life until medical assistance arrives can drastically change the outcome of the incident.

St John NT is supporting the nationwide launch of a new Learner Driver First Aid program. The online learning tool offers new drivers a free 30 minute basic first aid course as part of the process for obtaining their license.

Designed with young people in mind the Learner Driver First Aid tool aims to provide learner drivers with skills that could save or prolong a life until paramedic care arrives.

St John NT Director Ambulance Services Andrew Thomas said the launch will raise awareness to encourage basic first aid skills as a pre-requisite for obtaining a driver’s license across Australia.

“There have been 48 fatalities on Territory roads this year compared to 35 in 2021. Over one third of these crashes involved people under the age of 25, this is over three times higher than last year. On top of this there has been a significant number of car crashes involving serious injury.”

“These statistics are frightening,” Mr Thomas said.

“We know that receiving bystander first-aid in the time it takes emergency services to arrive at the scene reduces pre-hospital deaths and severe injury. If this learning system helps save another life it is well worth the investment of time in doing the courses,” he said.

“Driver First Aid” is based on a program first developed in the Northern Territory as “First @Scene” more than ten years ago. The program will be available free of charge to all learner drivers and has been promoted in the NT Government Drive Safe campaign.

The course takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes and covers an introduction to first aid, basic life support following the DRSABCD action plan and how to deal with wounds and bleeding.

Participants will be issued with a certificate once they have completed the course.

“Completing the course aims to improve basic first aid knowledge and provide learner drivers with the confidence to assist until professional medical help arrives.

“The last thing our paramedics want is to arrive on the scene of an accident where another family has lost a loved one,” said Mr Thomas.

Driver First Aid was launched in Canberra on Wednesday, 30 November at 8am, at Federation Mall, Parliament House.

Driver First Aid can be accessed here:

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