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Media Release: Lifesaving acts of bravery
  17 Nov 2022

Two brave Top End locals will be acknowledged for their lifesaving actions at an awards ceremony next week.

Both Territorians will be presented with a “Save a Life Award” as part of the 2022 St John NT Excellence Awards ceremony being held at Parliament House on Tuesday, 22 November 2022.

Jessica Silvester is being acknowledged for her actions on 19 December 2021 which saved the life of her father. During a family lunch Jessica’s dad was in the kitchen when the knife he was using slipped from his hand and landed embedded in his leg. Jessica sprang into action applying pressure to the wound and using an exercise band to fashion a makeshift torniquet.

On 25 November 2021, delivery driver Eric Nothnagl saved the life of a woman while delivering a parcel to her residence. Eric noticed that the woman wasn’t breathing normally and when she became unconscious he calmly helped her to the ground and immediately called Triple Zero (000). Having never provided CPR or first aid before Eric was guided by the call operator and continued to perform compressions until paramedics arrived.

Intensive care paramedic on the scene for both incidents, Mark Ferguson commended both Jessica and Eric on their bravery, “Jessica’s actions were exemplary, if it wasn’t for her quick thinking the outcome could have been a very different story.”

“Mr Nothnagl’s ability to stay calm and follow the directions of the call operator saved the patient’s life, without his confidence to have a go the patient would not be here today.”

Jessica and Eric are being acknowledged for their bravery, quick-thinking and ability to remain calm under pressure. The first aid skills provided in both events made the difference between life and death.

The Awards will be presented at 5:30pm on 22 November 2022 at Parliament House. Invitations to attend the ceremony have been extended to friends and family members of the recipients.

St John NT extends their heartfelt thanks and congratulations to both Ms Silvester and Mr Nothnagl on receiving these Awards.

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