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EMPLOYEES: Community feel is a volunteer appeal
  16 Mar 2022

Johannes was studying his Diploma of Paramedical Science and wanted to gain some clinical experience. With a background in finance meaning he had no experience in the health sector, volunteering with St John NT was the perfect way to get his foot in the door. It wouldn’t be long before Johannes added St John NT employee to his resume!

“I’m from Darwin so I would recognise the green uniform when I would see St John NT at events, but I thought they were all paramedics! I know now it’s often mostly volunteers.

“I love the community feel of both Darwin and the organisation. It helps you get to know people from all different areas. This is perfect for me because when I do something, I will really put 150% into it – I’m keen to understand what everyone does, marketing, clinical services, the paramedics and intensive care paramedics…all of it!

When Johannes saw a patient transport officer (PTO) role advertised with St John NT, he took the chance to further increase his clinical experience.

“I was planning to study Paramedicine, so gaining a role as a PTO was the perfect way to increase my clinical experience. Let’s have another chat in two years’ time when I’m an intern paramedic!

“I’ve had on road experience doing placements through my Diploma, so I’ve had a taste of what it’s like and I can’t wait to get out more as a PTO. I’m looking forward to learning from the people I’ll be working with and honing my own skills. I think being in this role is going to expedite my learning from university and reinforce everything I’ve learned in the classroom.

“People should know that they don’t have to come from a clinical background – like me coming from finance. Volunteering can teach you all of the clinical stuff and take you even further if you’ve just got that burning desire to give up your time!

Johannes is adamant he won’t forget where he came from.

“If it weren’t for the volunteers, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be sitting in this room right now. Coming into the organisation as a volunteer has helped reinforce that everyone really has your back. I don’t think I’d be here without some of the people who took us under their wing – Duncan, Wazza, the volunteer office. It’s friendship and it’s family.”

Song of the week?

“The Thrill, Wiz Khalifa is the last song that was playing in my car.

Johannes has since started his Bachelor of Paramedicine at Charles Darwin University. He is currently working casually as a patient transport officer and has taken on the role of Operations Lead within the Volunteer Leadership Group.

Johannes was also named 2021 St John NT Volunteer of the Year.

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