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CONGRATULATIONS: Zebedee Schulz National Service Medal
  25 Jan 2021

This month Zebedee (Zeb) Schulz was presented with his National Service Medal recognising his 15 years in military and emergency services.

Zeb's medical interest stemmed from his military time in Transport Logistics and Medical Support. After being involved in the South Australian Ambulance Service volunteer crews for a number of years, he decided to study Paramedicine and eventually ended up in the Territory with St John NT in May last year.

When asked what kept him going in such a stressful job, Zeb identified the ever-changing environment and challenges as a motivating factor. "I strongly believe that studying and changing careers after some life experience, as well as different roles within organisations, leads me to better understand what I want in a career and where it can take me. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up though!"

"Ask questions!" Was Zeb's advice when asked what he would say to himself on day one of being a Paramedic. "Ask lots of questions to experienced and passionate Paramedics who strive for better clinical knowledge and professionalism. Their passion will motivate yourself to be a better clinician and maybe on day one of someone else’s career they might be the person asking you the questions."

Obviously in such a varied job you would expect lots of stand out moments, but for Zeb it's the little things that are the most satisfying. "A simple thank you from a patient - their gratitude for the service you provide is one of the main reasons to continue my career as a Paramedic".

And what song has Zeb got on repeat this week? It's Cosby Sweater by the Hilltop Hoods.

Congratulations Zeb!

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