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CONGRATULATIONS: Annie Blore 5 years of service
  18 Jan 2021

"Your name is always front of mind around the building...when we can get a word in edgewise!" CEO Judith Barker laughed as she presented Annie with her certificate for five years of service with St John NT.

"The fact that you move from department to department when they need extra help, and Donna tries so hard to hold on to you, is a sign of how much you're valued around here".

Annie has a deep understanding of many aspects of the inner workings of St John NT, having filled in for the Training admin department, volunteering with Cadet competittions and filling in for members of the Finance team. She is currently employed as a part time Date Entry Clerk with Finance while she studies Business at CDU and works for her father's company. Phew!

It's no surprise that Annie believes anything and everything can be taught - her goals of continually learning new things and improving is always supported and encouraged by her manager, Donna. In Annie's words, team work makes the dream work!

When asked what energised her at work, Annie stated that it was being a part of an organisation that supports and helps people in times of need, and is such an important pillar of the community. "I also work with people with big, full hearts and a wealth of knowledge to learn from".

Top tips? "A stroll to Casuarina Shops with colleagues to feast on Sushi always seems to do the trick for a nearby lunch and my slow morning hype song is Mood by 24kGoldn". 

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