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Another attack on St John NT staff and property
  06 Oct 2020

A St John NT crew has been attacked by a patient in Moulden while trying to provide medical assistance.

The incident happened at approximately 9.30pm last night.

The patient was in the back of the ambulance when he attempted to strike the paramedic, landing a blow across the chest. The crew requested that the patient leave the ambulance, upon exiting the vehicle the patient was witnessed throwing a rock at the rear of the ambulance.

This incident is the second attack on a St John NT crew in two weeks, with an ambulance being taken off the road after a rock smashed a side window in Katherine on 27 September.

Another ambulance was taken of the road in July in Alice Springs following a similar incident when a rock was thrown at the vehicle shattering the windscreen.

The crew from last night’s incident have reported that they are OK with no physical injuries.

Regional Manager Northern Andrew Everingham said that these senseless acts of violence are disappointing and frustrating.

“Attacks on our staff and property may prevent our staff from doing their job and providing vital care. 

“Our crews come to work to care for people in the community, they have a right to do this without fear of being attacked. Damage to our vehicles may mean that resource has to be taken off road for repairs.

“While the paramedics involved in the incident were not injured, situations such as these may take paramedics away from a patient and reduce the resources available to the wider community.”

Image: Regional Manager Northern Andrew Everingham talking to media today.

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