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Ambulance service caring for Territorians
  07 May 2021

St John NT has responded to the United Workers Union’s allegations today reassuring Territorians that the service is well and truly fit for purpose.

St John NT CEO Judith Barker said that she was disappointed that the Union has publicly released findings from a survey of its members without first providing St John NT an opportunity to investigate the concerns.

“The Union has made claims of bullying in our workforce but has not once provided us with any details.  We have no tolerance for workplace bullying or harassment, so please let us know,” Ms Barker said.

“We have been in negotiation regarding our Enterprise Bargaining Agreement with the United Workers Union since November 2018 and met with them more than 30 times. Our current offer provides a range of benefits valued at $2.57m including 10% wage increase over four years, a sign-on bonus and back pay, a number of leave entitlements and professional development benefits.

“The longer the Union delays, the longer our staff have to wait to receive these benefits.”

St John NT is working with staff on a number of initiatives to address work health and safety including fatigue management and have already moved to reduce an on-call shift roster.

The Union suggests that St John NT staff have not been provided professional development or training, yet the organisation has provided personal safety training, mental health and wellbeing, new CPR equipment training and is well underway to roll out a new standard of clinical practice.

As part of our COVID safety training, St John NT has developed specific training based on the expertise of the NCCTRC and other ambulance services.

An independent review of St John NT’s ambulance service in 2017 found that the current service was functioning satisfactorily and that bringing the road ambulance service under the Government was not the right solution.

"St John NT draws on a wealth of experience in delivering the ambulance service and enjoys a close working relationship with the Department of Health. 

"Our organisation is able to provide a range of services which benefit the health and wellbeing of all Territorians which includes the ambulance service contracted to the Northern Territory Government. Along with our ambulance service we are also deliver an active volunteer program, community education and first aid training clearly demonstrating that our organisation as a whole is dedicated to saving lives and building community resilience in the NT. 

“Our service is focused on the care and wellbeing of our staff and our community. We understand the crucial role our staff have played in the Northern Territory’s response to COVID-19, and reassure Territorians that their ambulance service is in safe hands.”

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