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  16 Apr 2024
St John NT calls on Territorians to take care

St John NT will launch a new campaign tomorrow which reminds Territorians of the importance of providing first aid until professional help arrives. A 2023 survey* by St John Ambulance Australia found that nearly three in four (72%) Australians have witnessed a health or …


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  29 Nov 2023
Winners announced in St John NT Excellence Awards

Those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist Territorians in their moment of need and a member of the public who saved the life of a loved one are among the recipients of this year’s St John NT Excellence Awards. …

  15 Nov 2023
8 Things Every Cyclone Kit Needs

As residents of the beautiful and often unpredictable Northern Territory, we are no strangers to the power of tropical cyclones and severe weather. One crucial aspect of preparation is having a well-stocked cyclone kit tailored to the …

  10 Nov 2023
St John NT ambulance service highly trusted

Territorians have indicated a high level of trust and confidence in the quality of care they are receiving from their ambulance service. An annual Patient Experience Survey released today by the Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) …

  16 Oct 2023
Hearts set racing in competition to save lives

Hearts were set racing as St John NT took to Darwin City to promote the importance of learning vital lifesaving skills ahead of Restart a Heart Day. Every year around 30,000 people from Australia and New Zealand suffer an …

  12 Oct 2023
St John NT Paramedics Broaden Skills with ICP Training

St John NT is proud to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of four of our paramedics who have embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their skills and expertise. These paramedics are currently undertaking the rigorous …

  21 Sep 2023
2023 ST John NT Core Values Unveiled

St John NT CEO Andrew Tombs, with support from our People and Culture team, were elated to launch our new Core Values and updated Code of Conduct to the wider organisation. Our new Values of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration and …

  12 Sep 2023
Centralian paramedic named as finalist in the CAA Women in Leadership Scholarship

Centralian paramedic Tori Passarin is just one of many amazing finalists nominated for  The Council of Ambulance Authorities  Women in Leadership Scholarship. CAA offers the Women in Leadership Scholarship to encourage more women to …

  31 Aug 2023
St John NT Empowers Paramedics with Personal Safety Training

St John NT is proud to provide Personal Safety Training for its new intake of intern paramedics, patient transport officers, and qualified paramedics as a vital component of their comprehensive 4-week induction program. This training …

  19 Aug 2023
St John NT Officially opens Paul Bellman Training Facility

The St John NT Training Facility at 412 Stuart Highway will be officially opened by the Patron of St John NT, Ms Ruth Jones on Friday 18 August. The new facility was developed to enable the relocation of Clinical Services to a …

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