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  20 Apr 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: Helping paramedics stay safe

How you respond in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. You need to assess the situation, think fast and prioritise your actions to preserve the life of someone sick or injured. Now imagine if at the same time your own personal safety is in danger. …


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  15 Feb 2021
EMPLOYEES: Meet our Community Educator, Hayley Edge

When we think about critical things to learn at school, most of us would think reading, writing and arithmetic, but what about how to respond in an emergency? Sometimes the only person present in an emergency situation is a young …

  11 Feb 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: Community Education - helping kids save lives

Emergencies don’t happen at our convenience. Sometimes they happen when the only person present is a young child. If that child has the skills and confidence to help in an emergency situation, they could save a life. Children as young …

  09 Feb 2021
SERVICES: Did you know about our Mechanical Workshop? You do now!

Driving through the back streets of Winnellie can feel like you’re in a different part of the country. It’s not the lush green landscape that we’re used to – it’s stark, industrial, and you only go there if you know what you’re looking …

  29 Jan 2021
EMPLOYEES: New Year, new employees - welcome Lara and Inam

The New Year brought with it some new St John NT employees, Lara Palanga and Asiful, Inam. Lara comes to Training team in Administration from a varied background – from customer service at Sportsbet to Sales at Fernwood to Management …

  27 Jan 2021
CONGRATULATIONS: Cadet Anais Henry-Martin receives Young Citizen of the Year Award

Anais Henry-Martin’s list of extracurricular activities is beyond extensive. She has performed with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts Flyers, is involved in NT Music School Con Moto and Rock School, the Darwin Middle School BEAT Choir, on the …

  25 Jan 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: St John NT Paramedic honoured in Australia Day awards

St John NT Paramedic Rhys Dowell is the 2021 recipient of the Northern Territory Ambulance Service Medal. The Ambulance Service Medal recognizes distinguished service by the people of Australia’s ambulance organisations. Rhys Dowell …

  25 Jan 2021
CONGRATULATIONS: Zebedee Schulz National Service Medal

This month Zebedee (Zeb) Schulz was presented with his National Service Medal recognising his 15 years in military and emergency services. Zeb's medical interest stemmed from his military time in Transport Logistics and Medical …

  18 Jan 2021
CONGRATULATIONS: Annie Blore 5 years of service

"Your name is always front of mind around the building...when we can get a word in edgewise!" CEO Judith Barker laughed as she presented Annie with her certificate for five years of service with St John NT. "The fact that you move …

  15 Jan 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: ASQA audit identifies areas for improvement in first aid training assessment

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) conducted a routine audit of St John’s First Aid training program in late 2020, and has identified some areas for improvement in its assessment processes. St John Ambulance Australia CEO, …

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